Lion's Den game WIP uzi shoots lions

Lion’s Den Game #WIP

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/By Has it really been almost 3 years since my last WIP update for this game? I guess I got sidetracked with publishing and updating Runny Butt. Construct 3 recently updated the Pin To behavior as...
Grab 'Em In Tha Biscuits T-Shirt

Grab This!

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I've got a new t-shirt available on Threadless! Humpty Hump from Digital Underground and the Pillsbury Doughboy get the mashup treatment in this silly illustration… GRAB ‘EM IN THA BISCUITS!   Cue up The Humpty...
Black To The Future

Jigga What?!

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The print quality by Threadless is spot on with my Black To The Future t-shirt design. Solid blacks and all the fine lines are looking good. Pictured below is the Medium Grey Triblend shirt, a super soft...

Seesaw what I did there?

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/By New level added, number 18! Can you keep your balance walking across the seesaw catapult? Here's how to do it... Stay steady in the air. Don’t roll off the edge! Go easy over the 5 ton weight. Bravo! Download...

Lion’s Den Game #wip

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/By Making progress with the latest game, loosely based on the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den. Added some female lions that are faster than the males, and a few new weapons. Hello ladies, meet the Uzi: The Flail: And one...

No Rotate For You!

/By This is one of my biggest problems working in Illustrator on the Surface Pro 4. Adobe Illustrator does not rotate and allow you to work in portrait mode on the Surface Pro 4, but Photoshop...
Ball Walker, animated GIF, gophers

Beware of Gophers

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/By Can anybody get past the gophers on Level 6 in my game, Ball Walker? Download and try... Download for Android from Google Play Download for iPhone & iPad from the App...


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/By ROASTY! Crash on the same level a few times in a row and you'll get rewarded with a peanut. Catch it and you can roll to the end of the level without crashing. Listen...